Zoe originally trained as a marketer, so when it came to setting up Dominic Wright photography found it easy to put simple things in place to maximize their exposure.

Within 2 years of trading, they were Photography Business of the year and on their third year won Fashion Photographer of the year.

Now 5 years into running the business Zoe wants to help other wedding-related business in their set up. Marketing is an often overlooked aspect of any set up when it comes to business, but without it and an understanding of it you are not going to be able to maximize your full potential.

Mentoring with Zoe can be as much or little as you want. We suggest you start with a one-to-one meeting in your workplace for Zoe to fully familiarise herself with your business. Mentoring then can take place over Skype or in Zoe's office in York. Zoe offers one-year mentoring programmes for new businesses.

Getting to know your DSLR camera can be tricky if you are not taught in a simple easy to remember way.

We shoot all our weddings in Manual with Nikon pro level cameras. You can choose either a half a day or a whole day course with Dom to learn what you need to know.

Dom will show you the fundamentals on how to get the best out of your camera and help you leave with the confidence to go and use your camera to its full ability!

Workflow and editing is incredibly important part and under under valued part of any digital photographers tools, Dom has 15 years experience in using Photoshop and Lightroom. In a 1-1 session Dom can help you become more streamlined and confident in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop enabling you to create your own personal post processing style.




We try to cater for all training needs when it comes to photography, and play to our strengths so if you have just got a DSLR for the first time or you want to start to come off Auto or if you want to understand light or composition, call Dom.

However if you are just setting up your business in the wedding industry and need some marketing advice on the next steps for your business, call Zoe.