Top Tips for rain on your wedding day!

Ok we know this isn’t what you planned when you planned a June / July wedding. You dreamt about a nice warm long day with people enjoying sipping champagne outside until the silly hours. You imagined insta worthy sunset shots. You’d much rather be worrying about what suncream to use than if you need wellies or not, but trust us – rain can be magical on a wedding day!

1. Did you know in the wonderful world of weddings you can hire beautiful wedding appropriate umbrellas? Companies like Hire a Brolly and Brolly Bucket are amazing. They have lovely plain umbrellas in a range of neutral colours that you can hire and have delivered 3 days before your wedding. So, if it does tip down, at least all your guests are kept dry (a mis matched collection of golf and corporate umbrellas are never a great look for a photo!). We hired brollies for our own December wedding – and even though the guests didn’t use them.  It gave us piece of mind that if it did rain for the short walk we had on our day – it would at least look nice.

2. Create a wet weather plan – is there another part of your venue or marquee that can accommodate guests through your drinks reception and a place to take family shots etc. Everyone plans their day on the ideal scenario that the weather will be great, but what if its not? Can you hold all your guests in your inside space or do they need to sit at the tables straight away? Is there somewhere for the family photos to be taken, away from the rest of the guests?

3. If you are walking anywhere in your dress before the ceremony – grab a bin bag! Pop some holes in the bottom for your feet and put your dress inside – this way your dress won’t touch the wet dirty floor before your big reveal, OR embrace it and just smile though the rain – a bride smiling always distracts from rain!!!

4. After your ceremony – as much as you love your dress, (and trust me I know) it wasn’t bought to be worn holding it up and avoiding the floor – however wet it is. Your dress will get dirty, but when are you planning on wearing it again? Put it down, get your images in the rain and I promise you, you’ll look back on these images and love them. It rarely rains all day – in the ten years we have been doing this, that has only happened to us twice, and we still got great images from both days. Make sure you get outside when the breaks of rain come, if not – celebrate the rain, after all – isn’t it lucky?

5. Pack a spare pair of shoes if you are worried about ruining yours, usually bridal shoes are a light colour so they don’t mix well with muddy puddles! Wedding Wellies are a lovely way to embrace the wet if you know its coming and still enjoy the fun of dressing for the occasion.

6. Remember to speak to your makeup artist and check all your makeup is waterproof especially your mascara, all make up artists we work with use weather dependant make up.

7. Have a place for all the brollies to be put in church, at the venue – loose brollies are not only an eyesore and clutter up your aisle, but also a hazard later on in the night after people may of had a few glasses of fizz! The Wicker Baskets from Brolly Buckets are fab for this!

Here are a couple of images that we’ve shot in the wet over the last few years.


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