Carlton Towers Wedding

It was a glorious day on the day we shot Chinar & Toms wedding which was a beautiful mix of all the things they loved of Cypriot and English wedding traditions. Tom & Chinar came to us after we had shot two of their friends weddings, so it was an added bonus to see some of our very favourite couples at the same wedding too! It was a wonderful day and a real learning experience for us. To shoot the traditional Testi (pot) dance (a first for us).

If you don’t know its when the bride and single girls dance in a circle. Taking it in turns to dance in the centre of the circle with the pot. When they have all danced individually, the pot will be smashed on the floor by the bride. Revealing sweets and pennies inside for the children.

Another lovely thing that is traditionally done at Cypriot weddings but formally not here in the UK. Is that the guests take home the centre pieces from the tables. This was creatively done by a game of pass the napkin before dinner. A great way to get guests chatting amongst themselves and a lovely way for us to capture real smiles and fun!

The last time we were at Carlton Towers it was to shoot Cat & Jons wedding in the winter, so it was nice to see the venue in a different season and to make more use of the gardens with the couple.

We hope you enjoy looking through the highlights of this stunning day. If you want to look at more of our wedding please do explore our blog.

Known suppliers on the day are:

Venue: Carlton Towers, Goole

Hair & Make up by Catherine Elizabeth

Florals by Natasha Coustol

Shoes Jimmy Choo

Dress Halfpenny Couture


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