Wedding Insurance and why its so important ALWAYS

At the moment with all the Corona / COVID-19 talk in the news. All the wedding industry is all talking about is wedding insurance and heres why its so important you get it ALWAYS!

Obviously no-one ever expects anything to happen that they would need to rely on wedding insurance. Thats human nature – but a wedding costs A LOT, way more than most holidays and we (as a nation) seem to always travel with insurance!

The reason its even more important is because you are dealing with a lot of self employed people as suppliers on your day. No wedding runs with just one business involved.

You need:

  • a venue
  • a vicar or registrar
  • a dress/suit company
  • a florist
  • a cake maker
  • a photographer or/and videographer
  • Hair & Make up
  • stylist
  • bar
  • catering team
  • band or DJ

The list really is endless!

But the real factor is all these companies are mostly self employed people or small businesses. Being self employed for over 10 years and managing your cash flow is a tough business. We pay our mortgages, food and bills with that money and as we plan for a year knowing which weddings we are shooting – so therefore our forecasts are made. Your money could have been spent before your wedding has even taken place.

Our personal cancelation policy is:

If the Client wishes to cancel the booking for any reason, the following cancellation terms apply:
1 Year plus before the Wedding – Booking fee is non refundable
6 Months – 1 year before the Wedding- 75% of the booked wedding package balance is owed to The Photographer.
Under 6 months before the Wedding – 100% of the booked wedding package balance is owed to The Photographer.

We have seen or heard about bridesmaids dresses burnt by steamers on the day, cakes fall and be destroyed, photographers be caught on the motorway at standstill behind a pile up and not being able to get to the service. These are easy things that can and do happen, so having insurance to cover you for these things just makes life a little easier to cope with, should they happen to you.

We recommend John Lewis wedding insurance, they cover you for deposits and balances paid to suppliers. They also do marquee wedding insurance.







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